I Build Sales Teams

I recruit, train and manage sales reps on an outsource basis so you can focus on product development and operations.


You compete for customers. You also compete for reps, especially those who are willing to work entrepreneurially on a commission basis. These reps get lots of offers - product, company, position, pay plan and so on. Yours has be more than just good, it must be better than all other offers they can get. Likewise I get lots of requests to build sales teams. I can only take projects where I can recruit reps. This means to sell them your offer.

Sales Process

I create psychologically-engineeredâ„¢ sales processes that make selling easy and fun. The old style talk-at-and-coerce method is ineffective and obsolete. Instead I ask reps to focus on the prospect's agenda. Finding what will best serve a prospect's self-interest and encouraging them to act in that interest. When reps use this method they get significantly better sales results while protecting your brand and reputation.

Fewer Reps = More Sales

I often get requests to build teams with hundreds of reps. I find that what they really want is lots of sales. The former does not necessarily lead to the latter. Since a fraction of the reps do most of the sales and reps are hard to come by, the trick is to get the same or more sales with just a few reps. I accomplish this via an imaginative and effective sales process, training to get reps to change old habits and by using technology to amplify results. Reps want to be part of a winning company they can be proud to tell their friends and family about. I focus on creating an emotionally supportive environment. Cooperation within the team is encouraged and rewarded.

Let's Start

I invite you to tell me about your company and products on my Project Information form. I will carefully review what you share and then contact you to see if I can help.