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Outsourced Sales Teams

I build sales teams for startups and established companies. I recruit, train and manage reps on an outsource basis so you can focus on product development and operations.

Competing for Reps

The economy is booming and the demand for reps is endless. It’s easier to run a job post than it is to create a competent sales rep. Virtually every company in the country wants more reps. The reps simply aren’t there, especially those willing to work commission-only.

The days when you could run a post, mass hire and let reps sort themselves out are over. Reps line up for salary jobs and sell you. You must line up for commission reps and sell them. It’s a competition that you need to win.

Creative Strategy

Asking reps to cold call on commission is not the way compete for sales talent. I developed a prospecting method that eliminates cold calls. It makes selling easy and fun. I can recruit and retain more reps. This accelerates sales.

I combine this with a psychologically-engineered™ sales process. The old style talk-at-and-coerce method is ineffective and obsolete. A conversational approach focusing on the prospect’s agenda is orders-of-magnitude more effective. You get sales results while protecting your brand and reputation.

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