Outsourced Sales Teams

I build sales teams for startups and established companies. I recruit, train and manage reps on an outsource basis so you can focus on product development and operations.

Competing for Reps

The economy is booming and the demand for reps is endless. It’s easier to run a job post than it is to create a competent sales rep. Virtually every company in the country wants to grow sales and this usually means more reps. The reps simply aren’t there, especially those willing to work commission-only.

The days when you could run a post, mass hire and let reps sort themselves out are over. Reps line up for salary jobs and sell you. You must line up for commission reps and sell them. It’s a competition that you win or lose. Win and you grow. Lose and you flounder and perhaps go backwards. We know how to find and sell reps for your team. It only took 30 years and 140 teams to get where we are today. Do you have the time and expertise to do it?

More Sales with Fewer Reps

I often get requests to build teams with hundreds of reps. I find that what they really want is lots of sales. The former does not necessarily lead to the latter. Since a fraction of the reps do most of the sales and reps are hard to come by, the trick is to get the same or more sales with just a few reps. I have developed and perfected a cost-effective prospecting method that eliminates cold calls and makes selling easy and fun. This leads to not only more sales, it also makes it easier to recruit and train reps.

I create psychologically-engineered™ sales processes that make selling easy and fun. The old style talk-at-and-coerce method is ineffective and obsolete. I have found that a conversational approach that focuses on the prospect’s agenda is orders-of-magnitude more effective. I can achieve significantly better sales results while protecting your brand and reputation.

Growth Phases

  1. Start-Up. Particularly challenging since there are more unknowns than knowns. I have developed ways to sell companies before they are recognized brands, before people care. You must sell the reps on the future without having what most ask for, metrics on the past. Prospects will ask tough questions you may have no answers for but need to create to get traction. Fewer than 1% of “sales managers” have ever launched a team from zero, let alone successfully over 100 times.
  2. Ramp. Getting those first sales provides a base to get more. Success stories from early reps brings in more reps. Momentum once created requires focused effort to keep it going.
  3. Sustain. It’s common to gain some success only to plateau early or flounder. I prevent this by ramping your team and ensuring that rep comfort zones are continuously expanded. The price of success is eternal vigilance.


I get many requests to build teams. I select companies only if they have products that are salable with viable markets. Margins must be high enough to pay the reps for their talent, hard work and risk. Offering lead-generation support will attract good reps.

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