12 Hours a Week

Everybody knows that you can’t call:

on Mondays – just starting their week.
on Fridays – everybody leaves early.
from 11am-1pm – at lunch.
before 10am – just starting day.
after 4pm – leaving for home.
weekends – never at office.

Therefore can work only 12 hours a week, except that’s when reps go to lunch, schedule doctor appointments, send emails, organize files, etc.
Now factor in holidays (all national, state, local, and for every religion) and the average hours go down even further.

Contrast this with what a Top 1% rep does. She will call:

on Mondays – best time to focus on improving the business by buying what I sell.
on Fridays – successful business that can afford to buy work all week.
from 11am-1pm – busy execs skip lunch or eat at their desks, while gatekeepers are off-duty so calls go right through.
before 10am – busy execs often start work by 6am, 2 to 3 hours before gatekeeper starts.
after 4pm – busy execs can be found at work easily until 7, 8, even 10pm, with gatekeepers long gone.
weekends – Saturdays are great for calling as, you guessed it, execs busy, gatekeeper gone. Sundays I personally don’t work – why be a fanatic?

Q & A
Q: When’s the best time to call?
A: When you have a phone in your hand (won’t have to yell so loud).

Q: When will the prospect take your call?
A: When you can sell the call – get interest fast so that the prospect values you over the time you cost. But first you have to make the call.

Q: When will the prospect buy?
A: When the prospect meets a closer with a viable solution