5 Factors of Success – Audio

Part A

0 – Intro. Work hard, get good at what you do.
0:50 – I. Call Volume.
1:35 – #1 Show up – each and every day.
2:20 – #2 Commit to some minimum activity level. Commission only is different than a salary gig. Goals matter more than hours or days worked. Busy doesn’t matter.
4:40 – II. Close Ratio. Getting good at sales. Systematic sales process versus winging-it. Learn, follow, master.
6:20 – #3 – Decide, Learn, & Master the Sales Process. First decide on what sales process you’re going to use. Then learn and master it.
9:25 – #4 Control the Process. “I’ll thinkaboutit….”
12:55 – #5 Close for a Decision.
14:35 – Objection – I want to think about it… Is it in the best interests of your business? Must arrange it in advance of the presentation. CEOs make decisions.
18:55 – Mastery. Control.
24:10 – Closing. Callbacks. What professionals do. They do their job but you won’t? Consequences: Failed prospect, your company, yourself, family, creditors, economy…
30:05 – End.

Part B
0 – Closing backwards. Only prospect can decide, ensure that a decision is made. Must control the process to follow it and master it. Call volume to set presentations.
3:32 – Anything missing in 5 factors? Comments on closing.
8:37 – Call volume. Negative or positive reinforcement. Your goals. Basis of rejection.
11:06 – Thinkaboutits. Hard ball.
11:50 – Service. Rejection fault of approach.
13:49 – Is this complicated?
14:22 – Q&A Other decision makers?
16:15 – Call volume – most rep’s problem…
16:55 – The one best way to get a decision NOW… never call back. Claiming that they need to talk with somebody is their most effective stall tactic. Deal killers. Will you walk?
22:50 – Discussion of when to ask for decision commitment. Intent is to serve. Can’t talk people into anything. Respect decision.
29:20 – End.