About Us

I founded Sales Team 1 in 1987. Initially I took on one client at a time, some for a few months and others for years. Gradually I developed processes and the infrastructure to support multiple clients. This was accomplished via reengineering every aspect of the business periodically, adding technology and adding staff on-demand.

I developed and perfected a sophisticated psychologically-engineered™ sales process which provides more results faster with fewer reps. The process has been simplified to it’s most critical elements so it can be taught and learned quickly. This non-coercive, cooperative technology of sales benefits clients, customers, and the reps making the overall experience pleasant and profitable. It’s the opposite of exploitative coercive telemarketing. It leads to happier customers, referrals, and a positive spin to your brand.

I work with a wide variety of businesses in many industries, startups and established. I can accommodate any level of product technology and can recruit the appropriate level of talent to present it professionally.

I invite you to browse through this site. I strive to provide meaningful insight, not just information.

Paul Mush, CEO
Disclaimer. I have been accused of being arrogant. Mea Culpa. Every year in grade school I would get failing grades in such character evaluations such as fails to get along with others and interrupts the class. These never bothered me. Instinctively I understood that these were in fact compliments to all who strive to be more. Those that abhor the life of the complacent and mediocre. This is in contrast to the many who obsess about fitting in and strive to get along, keep a low profile and not make waves. Fish.

When I was named #1 rep for the year out of 300 reps earlier in my career, I can tell you one thing, I was not doing what the other reps were. I received more resentment than adoration from the team as I was handed my little trophy. No pity, I had my commission checks to keep me warm at night.

I admit there is something of that lone wolf rep in me still. I was used to being left to do it and do it I did.

If you work with me I will cooperate but I can only do my job my way. If that’s what you want, a pro that knows what to do and will be doing it while you go about your business, then we should hit it off great. I only have one speed and it’s not slow. We will be surfing the tsunami. Bring your own board.

What I don’t know about sales I haven’t invented yet.