Avoiding Bad Reps

Many people have misconceptions about sales. They think that anybody can get a sales job and that all you have to do is talk people into things and you get paid. Unfortunately, they are not all wrong. Many shady companies post ads promising the sky and exploit everybody they cross paths with – especially sales reps and customers. This list of reasons bad reps have for applying to a sales post is not exhaustive, but illustrates the challenges inherent in recruiting. An experienced sales recruiter learns to recognize these defective applicants and ensure that they do not pollute the sales team.

The danger that lurks here is that the odds are great the bad rep will repeat past behaviors. He will disrupt your sales team and company. He will misrepresent, deceive, and commit fraud. He can demoralize everybody around him and perhaps get you sued. You can lose accounts. You need to heed the warning signs and let your intuition reveal the reality.

Unqualified. No experience and possibly no aptitude or talent for other jobs.

Bad Work History. Excessive job hopping, poor performance appraisals, no references.

Uneducated. Poor grades, dropped out, expelled.

vGet-Rich-Quick Fantasy. Thinks sales will be easy and money will be fast – when truth is discovered quits without notice.

Fired for Cause. Incompetence, theft, harassment, fighting, antisocial or hostile attitude.

Fictional Resume. Created job history or distorted facts, claimed degree not earned, exaggerated job titles and responsibilities, performance, and awards.

vCriminal Record. Especially if convicted felon that served time in prison and is on parole.

Bad Credit. Trying to hide from creditor legal actions, wants to stay off the books.

Intends to Cheat on Taxes. By not declaring income or exaggerating deductions.

Court Ordered Support. Hiding from alimony or child support obligations.

Fugitive. Needs job that won’t ask any questions or for ID.

Drug User. Will fail tests required at many other companies.

Lost Drivers License. Probably convicted for DUI so wants work-at-home job with no criminal record check – will quit when gets license back.

Lost Professional License. Due to criminal behavior, negligence, or gross incompetence.

Overqualified. Will quit as soon as a “real” job comes along.

Illegal Immigrants. Keep off the books and a low profile.

Poor Hygiene. Bad teeth, halitosis, skin ailments, excessive body odor, unkempt hair and nails, bad posture. I am referring to preventable situations no innate.

No Fashion Sense. Unkempt, bizarre sense of style, deliberately provocative and rebellious such as excessive piercings, tattoos, colored hair which are fine but shunned at most corporate settings.

It may not be the applicant’s fault. But just the same these applicants can be bad choices if they really don’t want a sales position but instead are trying to escape unfortunate circumstances.

Downsized or Outsourced. Job went away.

Financial Duress. Going broke and desperate, needs cash fast.

Physically Unappealing. Extraordinarily ugly, obese, damaged skin, disfigurement, missing limbs.

Learning Disorders. Dyslexia and many others that make reading or memorizing difficult or impossible.

Mental Disorders. Paranoid, depressed, manic, schizophrenic – making it difficult to control behavior and is often seen as disruptive.

Low Intelligence. Sub-par IQ, slow learner.

Socially Awkward. Shy, nonassertive, prone to panic attacks.

Victims of Prejudice or Harassment. Racial, physically challenged, foreign born with strong accents, sex, sexual orientation, age, height, and many others.