Best of Training – Audio

I. How to do a Critique.

0 – Not mere opinion.
0:34 – 3 steps. #1 What went well and why? #2 What could be improved and why? #3 What do you suggest?
1:38 – No self-critiques
2:38 – Projection – expecting others to match your personality
3:41 – End

II. Getting Through to CEOs
3:41 – CEO’s delegate, what kind of calls can’t be delegated?
6:05 – All you need to do is get a CEO to call you back?
6:59 – It’s the voice mail. Do you sound like a telemarketer. Evolution. Bad habits may have worked in the past.
7:56 – One best way not to sound like a telemarketer. With service orientation you almost can’t go wrong.
12:42 – End

III. Reading vs. Performing Scripts
12:42 – You go where your eyes go.
13:59 – If you look at the script, you will read the script, and you will sound like a telemarketer.
15:05 – End.