Commission Sales Teams

This eBook is comprised of a series of articles I wrote on various aspects of commission-only sales and sales reps. The insight that I have comes from many years on the street and on the phone, cold-calling, presenting, and closing deals. Sometimes easy. Mostly hard.

Then came many years of sales management. Of recruiting. Writing job posts. Rewriting, editing, and editing again until the fish takes the bait. Countless resumes screened and interviews with some excellent reps, some outrageous and outlandish bullshitters, and more boring drones than I want to think about. Perfecting how to sell a salesperson to take a risk and seek a brighter future. To go after more money than they dared allowed themselves to dream of.

Then sales training. Finding out what works by first doing it yourself. Understanding why this works but that won’t. Figuring out creative and entertaining ways to communicate this knowledge and then coaching them so they can do it too.

Then learning not how to “manage,” the crap that professors peddle, but how to lead and inspire. If you have nowhere to go, then what the hell are you doing up there waving that flag around and yelling?

Nobody wants to be managed. They want a leader to help them be more than they were. More than they knew they could be.

I’m first and foremost a commission-only salesman. You should teach not just what you know, but what you are.