Commitment – Audio

Part A

0 – So what does this word mean?
0:15 – New Years Resolutions.
2:10 – Diets and addictions. Wishes and fantasies. Lottery = loser.
3:59 – Immigrants know what opportunity looks like. It’s against the law to starve.
4:46 – People tend to do only what they have to.
5:55 – Air guitars are the end sign of our civilization. If it’s not easy they won’t even try.
7:28 – Wish. Desire. Commitment. There are no alternatives to manifesting my desire.
9:31 –Yesterdays magic is today’s science. Modern phyics, quantum mechanics.
14:08 – Arthur C. Clarke quote (how’s this for serendipity – a few hours later he died).
14:24 – Holographic paradigm.
15:20 – Magic happens at the extremes. 99% is not enough.
19:36 – At 100% the universe aligns behind you. At 99.9% things crumble.
21:35 – Doing the minimum makes economic sense. Everybody goes to the same heaven so why bother? Comitment is not required to get by.
26:17 – When the going gets tough, quit. Basically they don’t care that much about anything in life to try hard.
29:50 – What happens at 100% has to be experienced to be comprehended. How do you know if you have real commitment? Why did you quit?
32:52 – The toe test.
43:09 – End.

Part B
0 – The look. Mustard seeds.
7:53 – Look at nature. If you have no choice, you’ll find a way. If you do, you’ll find an excuse.
9:16 – Comments – burn the boats.
10:09 – Conscious versus subconscious mind. Visualization. You will be transformed. Sound different because you will be different.
14:24 – Let’s pretend.
14:59 – No other choice. Who has it tougher?
22:06 – What’s Plan B? Job hopping through life.
22:54 – Comments – visualization.
23:35 – Effective visualization required emotional impact.
25:10 – Immersing in the role. Connecting to the subconscious mind
27:19 – Comments – I used up all my toes.
27:29 – The now is all that exists…whoops, it’s gone…
28:37- End.