Convert Your Team

Want to add sales and reduce costs at the same time?

Convert your existing salary team working at an office to a virtual commission-only team. These will be independent-contractor reps working from home that pay their own expenses.

You can keep your present reps and run an in-house team in parallel with your new remote team. You can eliminate your existing team. Or (perhaps the best choice) get rid of the posers (bottom 80%) and keep the closers (top 20%). Your sales will drop a lot less than your expenses. I will replace the posers with more closers and you will never want to look back.

You may find that outsourcing sales makes you want to consider outsourcing technical and administrative staff as well. I have heard of very successful one-person companies that outsource virtually everything. Even to the point of reducing their work week to less than 4 hours.

Coming and Going

1. Cut Expenses

Salaries – gone.
Benefits – gone.
Taxes – no withholding, unemployment, FICA, workers comp…
Rent – no need for office space, leases, and long-term obligations
Utilities – no electric, heat, cleaning, ISP, phone…
Equipment – no computers, software, phones, copiers…
Legal hassles – wrongful termination, discrimination, ADA.

2. Increase Revenue

More reps – larger team since not limited by salaries, office space availability, and related expenses.
Recruit more faster – with a fixed location you can only attract candidates form a small radius – now you have the entire country and perhaps planet to draw from.
Better candidates – resulting from larger number to choose from.
Loyal reps – good virtual jobs are hard to find and for those that need to stay home these positions are cherished.

The Plan

Here’s what I will do:

Strategy – devise optimum plan to meet you needs.

Modeling – I will interview and determine what your best reps are doing – what, how, why – and combine that with my over 20 years experience to decide what to look for when recruiting.

Recruiting – using various channels will source candidates and screen by agreed upon standards.

Tools – special purpose website that candidates responding to posts are directed to.