Posted on a Slander Site (Anonymously)

I got recruited by Paul Mush to sell on one of his sales teams recently. The real truth as I see it is that this guy is most likely the most evil person I have ever encountered in all of my years selling.

He uses extremely high pressure tactics to recruit his sales reps and then he teaches them to outright lie on the phone. He calls this “acting”.

His training sessions are mostly about how great he thinks he is but some of the time spent listening to this monster involves very sophisticated psychological manipulation. He brainwashes his sales reps to be totally obedient to him or he fires them immediately. If you question one word he says you are gone.

I’ve built my sales career on honest delivery of value to my clients and I have done very well using this approach. Paul Mush trains his reps to use lying and manipulation. This goes against everything I believe in so I did not participate for more than one training session.

I have been a business owner and a sales rep for many years. I have dealt with all sorts of people. This guy is in a class all by himself. I have never experienced such pure evil in my entire life. It was truly a scary experience.

If you are a rep looking for work, please do not get caught in his trap. He will turn you into something you will not be proud of.

If you are a business owner seeking increased sales, then be aware of the type of person you will be dealing with and the terrible reputation your company may get by associating with this creep.

In business, I like to deal with people that display high ethical and moral values. None of that was present in my dealings with Paul Mush.

Evil. Morally wrong or bad; immoral; wicked… Dictionary.com