How it Works


  • Create strategy to maximize sales and valuation.
  • Implement to attract and retain reps.



  • Write compelling posts and run in up to 100 markets.
  • Search proprietary rep database for matching candidates and referrals.
  • Social networking, headhunting and other methods to find candidates.
  • Sales Directors recruit locally and follow up on resumes I send them.
  • Create a listing on our recruiting site with all the details of the position and direct candidates there.
  • Interview you and create an audio recording linked to your listing. Candidates gain insight and insider information about your company, people, products and position.
  • Interested reps submit an Application which syncs to our CRM system.
  • My recruiters do personal interviews with reps to qualify and sell the rep.
  • Reps sign my Independent Contractor Agreement with explicitly indemnifies you.
  • Request ID and Social Security copies and a W9 form.
  • Create a Team Website for you with a Sales Policies guide, recorded training, scripts and more.



  • You provide product training and we record a live conference call.
  • I do initial and ongoing weekly sales training and record calls.



  • I hire professionals and expect them to show initiative.
  • Support is mainly deal closing advice or assistance on a commission-split basis with the Sales Director.
  • I recruit and train Sales Directors to provide first level support.