How To Treat a Closer


If the 80/20 rule is for real, then 1 closer is worth 5 posers. Indeed more than 5, since the overhead of supporting 1 closer is less than 5 posers.

Ask yourself a simple question – what would happen if your best rep quit today? Or all your closers decided to bail? It’s a scary thought, isn’t it?

Most divorces are initiated by the wife. She is fed up of being ignored and unappreciated. In almost every case the husband is flabbergasted. He had no idea. He was clueless! This is a bad situation that could have been prevented. As bad is this is, you can always get another wife. But how are going to replace your top closer! 😉

Here is a list of suggestions so you can prevent the preventable.

Pay. As much as the competition will, and then add a little more.

Recognition.More important than money is public displays of recognition and appreciation – you can’t flatter an egomaniac enough, or too much.

Special Treatment.Let them talk more than others at meetings, get a favored parking spot, be excused from non-essential tasks and reports, and so on. Forget the egalitarian democratic nonsense Americans love to say the believe in – all men might be created equal but sales reps are definitely not!

Staff Deference.Staff and support workers hate demanding, obnoxious prima-donna sales reps. As well they should. The problem is that the staffers are overhead and are easily replaced. Your closer makes your house and boat payments and can’t be replaced. When push comes to shove, push a staffer that won’t obey your direct orders to kiss the closer’s ass out the door, and apologize to the closer.

Territory.Give the best rep the best territory. If a poser has it, transfer him (or fire him). Life may not be fair but sales is.

Bonuses and Awards.Put some cash out there, tigers need antelopes to chase and to proudly drag back to the pride to show what a great hunter they are.

Perks.Waive the deductible on health insurance, pay gas and phone expenses, comp to some nice meals, make auto lease payments while they exceed quota – what’s a couple hundred bucks compared to what they earn you?

Busy Work.Never ever ask a closer to do yours or someone else’s job. If you aren’t paying her to train a new recruit, don’t ask her to. Don’t ask her to make coffee or run errands. It’s demeaning. It pisses her off. Her next task will be to call some of those other companies that have been relentlessly call her every week.

Warning!!! Never promote your top closer just because of her sales prowess. You may lose a huge chunk of your sales and gain a lousy manager which leads to many reps quitting and more huge chunks of revenue until you are all out on the street. Select a person with at least average sales ability that is also the best potential manager – a person that can teach, lead, inspire.