Living Backwards

Dead. Your clock finally timed out. A few (hundreds) attended your funeral. Nobody (everybody) wanted to say some words about you. You were widely reviled (revered) and cursed (blessed) for the many times you screwed (helped) others. You are dead and will soon (never) be forgiven (forgotten). You will not (surely) be missed.

Old. You never found your niche (retired) since you hated (loved) what you did. Your career was one disaster (accomplishment) after another garnering you infamy (acclaim) from your enemies (peers). You never (often) get calls and visits from those you ignored (cared about). You may not have been with them day-to-day and they preferred it (wasn’t) that way. You were cared for by cruel (loving) strangers (friends and family). Your health was failing (robust) in accordance with the way you abused (took care of) your body and the abuse (love) you gave to others. You were a mess (inspiration). Young people found you irrelevant (sagely) and could never (certainly) imagine emulating you and following in your footsteps.

Young Adult. The type of jobs denied (offered) to you were based on your failure (excelling) while in college. Your career was sinking (rising) fast. Whatever you touched turned to shit (gold). It seems that you couldn’t do anything right (wrong). Of course this was no surprise considering all of your slacking (hard work) over the years. You career choice was awful (perfect) for you. You were on dead-end (highway) to oblivion (the top).

College. You barely (easily) made it into community college (state). When your friends stopped by to invite you to go out and party your never (always) declined. Life is short you exclaimed so I may as well get stoned (back to my studies). You never (always) studied so when test time came around you crammed (reviewed). You knew you would fail (pass) so you decided to (never) cheat. You got good at what you practiced and at graduation your character was formed and you were on your way to a dead-end job (fulfilling career).

High School. You hung out with the cool (nerdy) kids who worshiped video games (learning). You always (never) smoked dope when offered and you suffered (were rewarded) form it by a fuzzy (clear) brain which hurt (helped) your chances of graduating with grades high enough for a good college.

Childhood. You were always certain you (didn’t) know more about everything than your parents so you never (always) listened. You showed them no (much) respect or love (hate) so that they grew to despise (love) and resent (admire) you. You were off and running to a future you would soon regret (welcome).