Missed Meeting Excuses

Here are some of my favorites (and every one is real):

  • Didn’t get invitation or know about meeting.
  • Important customer call – closing a deal.
  • I’m sick, have a doctor’s appointment.
  • Kids or wife sick.
  • Car broke down, ran out of gas, in an accident.
  • Just got in from traveling.
  • It was raining, cold, hot, humid, foggy, windy.
  • I forgot.
  • I don’t need to go to meetings since I am a superstar, have 20 years sales experience, commission-only, your buddy.
  • I was abducted by aliens, again, and ran out of Preparation H.
  • And my all time favorite (not made up, I promise, right Wayne?) “I had to take my girlfriend’s cat to the vet.”

    Here is my response: If there was $1,000 at stake, would you have been able to remember and be at the meeting? I thought so.

    By the way, my response about the sick cat was “Here’s $5, get another cat.”