Paul has an extensive track record of success in sales and marketing. His sales consulting practice, Sales Team 1, has helped numerous client companies, since 1987, and with Internet startups since the BBS days in 1994, to refine their business models for real-world salability and to recruit and train sales teams.

Paul learned sales as a commission-only rep selling high-tech systems to automotive markets. At Allen Testproducts he ranked in the Top Ten in his first year selling diagnostic systems. At Alldata Corp, a technical information systems startup, Paul achieved Sales Rep of the Year status out of over 300 reps. He was then promoted to Strategic Alliance Director and National Sales Trainer implementing programs that vastly increased revenues.

Paul started his entrepreneurial career by offering marketing consultation to small businesses wanting to adopt the then new BBS dial-up technology to increase sales. This was pre-Internet. Paul then joined that revolution selling for Industry Net, one of the first profitable Internet ventures with $30M in sales.

Paul then contracted with JD Powers Consumer Car Club to launch an automotive repair referral program to complement their online auto sales service. The program was a huge success but the company, which was funded with over $500 Million, managed to squander it and die, like many in the era with too much money and not enough common sense. Live and learn (if you’re lucky).

Paul took his referral model (based on helping consumers find trustworthy competent service providers) and founded his own company, CertiCard, a consumer referral program for automotive services. He successfully implemented the marketing program and sales launch strategy enrolling hundreds of shops all over California. The key model elements – prioritization for early adopters, limited allocation for providers, extremely high standards and integrity, a psychologically engineered sales process, and more – were tested and perfected. It sold in the real-world which is all that matters. MBNA bank provided a co-branded Visa and MasterCard for this venture. The business was sold after 2 years.

At LegalMatch, an Internet lawyer referral startup, Paul implemented his proven successful referral business model in the legal space. He quickly created a sales team that grew from zero in a 2-bedroom apartment to over 160 reps and support staff in offices across the U.S. Cash flow positive status was reached in 6 weeks for a total investment under $2K. Revenues went from zero to $25 Million. All without any VC or bank loans, and during an era of extreme financial and social insecurity. A major factor in this success story was his unique approach to recruiting and his sales training program.

Paul then did other contracts in the online legal space including launching an online lawyer directory for Nolo Press, the premier consumer legal book publisher. Nolo had a unique position of dominating consumer awareness and attracting 1 Million site visitors each month. Paul proposed the program and collaborated with in-house marketing, technical, legal, and administrative staff to develop it for launch. He also did initial test sales and then recruited, trained, and managed an in-house sales team. Sales were an immediate success and the project is growing fast helping to extend the Nolo brand. Sales are estimated to be over $50 Million a year now after being bought out by Martindale Hubbell.

Paul’s previous career in engineering included a two-year stint in Saudi Arabia and numerous positions in medical and automotive technology applications. Paul worked at the Kellogg Eye Center at the University of Michigan, while a graduate student, developing research instrumentation systems.

Paul has “book learning” too, having earned degrees in Electronics Technology, Automotive Technology, Business Administration, Liberal Arts (all summa cum laude) and in Physics (Applied with a Computer Science minor, High Distinction) from Colorado State University. Paul also did advanced graduate studies in engineering at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, MI and studied in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness Department at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA.

Paul grew up in Detroit, has 4 kids, is an avid trail runner (Mt. Tam is his “second office”), earned a black belt in Shorin Ryu karate, served in the U.S. Army, and plays a killer surf guitar (to take a break from computers and phones).