Recruiting Process

The 80-20 rule says that the top 20% reps bring in 80% of the sales. It’s true. Finding a bottom 80% sales rep is easy, just post the job. Finding top 20% reps requires expertise that order-taker recruiters have no clue about. It takes the hard-won insight that only many years on the front lines of sales can bring. I have that insight and can tell the difference between a smooth talking poser and a hard-working closer.

Here’s how we find the top 20% reps you need for a successful team:
Profile. Define the desired characteristics of the rep most likely to succeed in your particular market.
Job Posts. Craft a job post to appeal to your ideal rep and run systematically in the targeted market areas.
Contract Recruiters. Instruct where and how to search to locate reps that meet the profile we defined.
Search. We have our own proprietary database of reps that worked on our teams or applied for positions. We also do extensive social networking to reach the passive but important candidates that can be won over for the right opportunity.
Screening. We screen resumes and interpret backgrounds and claims candidates make.
Interview. Our proprietary interview process is laser focused to quickly differentiate between talkers and closers. It takes a closer to recognize one – this is where most recruiters fail.
Qualify. Must meet stated requirements, be available full-time within 2 weeks, pass a subjective interview, exhibit the required level of written and verbal communication skills, have a professional demeanor, demonstrate a sincere interest and motivation for the position, and other factors.

We pay for:
Job Posts. We run thousands of posts on over 100 boards in the Top 100 markets including premium paid and specialty sales. We can add Canada and any other country you want to sell into.
Recruiting Staff. We use skilled comission closers to sell commission closers.
Contract Recruiters. These mercenaries headhunt top talent and have access to candidate databases that cost up to $10,000 per year.
Sales Directors. It takes a very high level of skill and training to interview reps and interrogate them to get the true story and situation.