Reps Hate Commission-Only


Posers. Jealous and resentful of those with talent, skill, or who “show-off” and make them “look bad” by working hard all day.

Salary Reps. Afraid the boss may get ideas, will finally get up the nerve to fire everybody and call in the mercenaries.

Overpaid Hangers-On. Afraid that the idea of earning what you are paid will somehow spread to them too.

Average Workers. Why should you earn more in a day than they get in a month just for “talking on the phone”?

Socialists. Hate anything that sounds like free enterprise and consider it “unfair” if one person gets more than another just because they had more ability or talent or worked harder. They should only get what they “need” with them of course deciding who gets what. Surprisingly those in power always end up with everything.

Unions. Ditto the above but more importantly, how can you unionize entrepreneurs? The union bosses may have to pick up a shovel like their dues-paying members!

Government. Bypassing the system is unsettling – how can you control the sheep when they start acting like wolves?

Competition. A hungry army of high-performers will slaughter them in the market’s field of battle.

On a personal note: Out here in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the main industry is activism, and protests for every imaginable cause (especially “just be-cause”) stumble all over each other daily in the streets, and moochers are on every intersection scamming the system and earning more tax-free than the kind-hearted, weak-headed chumps that throw dollars at them, I can be burned at the stake for writing the above. But then, I’m from Detroit, where they burn down the entire city every Devil’s Night, so I could care less.