Reps Love Commission-Only


Higher Earnings. Typical higher commission rates result in more money for closers (less for posers).

Psychological. Self-employed means self reliant and control – the best reps are often prima donnas – very independent and hate to be managed.

Flexible Work Hours. Pick up kids from school and attend events, college courses, avocations.

Live Anywhere. Only need broadband Internet access – job is portable if YOU desire to move or spouse is transferred.

Eliminate Commutes. It’s not just LA, most cities now have traffic congestion – longer distances trying to find affordable housing – stressful and burns up time that could be spent making money or having fun.

Lower Expenses. Record gas prices, vehicles, tolls and parking, clothes for office environment, daycare, meals out.

Caregiver. Need to stay at home to care for young children, special needs children, elderly, spouse, other family or friends.

Physically Challenged. Mobility restricted or requires much effort and expense.

Tax Considerations. Deduct all expenses, previous business loss carry forward.

Quotes from Reps

I work best when I have the ability to set my own goals because I typically exceed goals set by others. I love to challenge myself. As an independent contractor my success and income limits are controlled by me. And my wife is a traveling nurse. We spend approximately three months at an assignment, then move to a new city. Our home while traveling is a 40′ motorhome complete with a fully equipped office area. I am currently seeking a new exciting career opportunity that will allow me to work from a virtual office no matter where we are. With our virtual office this position will allow me to pursue a stimulating and rewarding career while traveling.
Brad Merriman – Phoenix, AZ

I prefer an independent contractor position because it allows me flexibility and commission sales lets me make money based on my productivity. I can work from home, take my kids to and from school and tennis practice. If they want to go camping I can take the time because I will be making the sales and no one will be checking to see if I am sitting at my desk.
Tim Roberts – Huntington Beach, CA

I am especially attracted to the position because it will allow me to move. It would be wonderful to be able to spend time with my mother, who lives back east near Buffalo. I also dream of living up on the Olympic Peninsula, and spending time during the summer in Montreal. Therefore, this independent contractor sales position is perfect for me. I’m someone who cherishes living in beautiful places, and setting my own schedule.
Amanda Bellerby – Berkeley, CA

As a working mother, I need the flexibility that an independent contractor allows. I have always felt that that three hour commute a day was a tremendous waste of my time. After 20 years, I’m done with the driving. This opportunity allows me the flexibility to work as early or late as I like and gives me the freedom to pick my daughter up from school at a reasonable hour. My work ethic will insure that I accomplish my goals no matter what time of day I tackle them.
Carla Westmore – North Hollywood, CA

Working on commission is extremely motivating. I like setting goals and acing them. Working on commission means working smarter. I like that. Working at home is great because I like to work in my pajamas sometimes. I flourish in a flexible, self-designed work environment where I can follow my own pace and develop a self-directed momentum.
Emily Witt – Benicia, CA

I am experienced working from home and I would save time and money on commuting expenses. I have commuted to NYC and North Jersey in the past and it took as much as 4 hours round trip every day, door to door. This time can be used more effectively working on ways to increase business for Nolo and increase income for me.
Frank McTague – Robbinsville, NJ

I prefer a work-at-home situation primarily for three reasons: 1) I have a baby and need flexibility in my schedule. 2) My previous job allowed me to telecommute for six months. I loved it and proved to have the self discipline needed to work at home. 3) The gas prices are so high and traffic is terrible in Denver, CO.
Jaimie Elliott – Westminster, CO

I have been actively seeking a work at home, fully commissioned position – but it has to be the “right” one. I live in the metropolitan Philadelphia area. While I greatly enjoyed my previous position and success with my former employer, I felt the hour commute each way was not an efficient use of my time, and directly affected the quality of my life. Working from home eliminates wasted time and stressful highway driving. Just as important, as an independent contractor I am fully in charge of my success and the financial compensation that comes along with that.
Louise Freer – Lansdale, PA

It fits my lifestyle and independent attitude.
Scott Stein – Millburn, NJ

I see the benefits of being a IC as being: -no bureaucracy
-no politics
-no ass covering or kissing
-no phonies
-no dress code
-no subway
-no excuses
Ted Barco – New York, NY

I’ve had IC positions and can succeed in any environment. It’s always mentioned in sales that if you work hard you’ll be rewarded. Well, with the right IC position your reward is that much better.
Tom Mazzone – Imperial,PA

The reason why I prefer an independent contractor, commission-only, work-at-home position is that I will make more money than I would if I worked in a salary based job. Being able to avoid a long commute through rush hour traffic is also a huge plus. I also like the freedom that I will be able to live anywhere I want.
Greg Stevens – Covington, WA

Why do I prefer to work from home? I’m disciplined, mentally tough, and mission oriented, so I won’t spend half my time at the fridge. I can get up early and work late—setting my own hours and paycheck. And, I have my office set up perfectly: ergonomically correct, well-lit and laid out for my maximum performance and your zero cost—a win-win for both of us. Finally, I enjoy being an independent contractor; I make my own breaks and am paid by performance. As Dennis Rodman once said, “I’m bad as I wanna’ be!” A four-time NBA champion and one of the great team players of all time, Rodman could talk that talk.
Frank Tammen – Clovis, CA

An independent opportunity allows me to be my own boss, exercise flexibility, and employ the discipline I’ve learned through years of accomplishments. Commission only sales puts no limits on my earning capabillities. If I am the best at this position I will be paid as the best! Working at home gives me more opportunity to get work done without spending two hours per day (ten hours per week) commuting to get to an office in a potentially unproductive environment. I can dress up in a suit and tie and sit at my own desk using my own phone and be as comfortable as I need or want to be. I can also sit in my office with my underwear if that makes me more productive. I can work two hours or four hours straight… or I can work from sun up to sun down. Ultimately it is all about flexibility and control.
Alvin Logan – Aurora, CO

It is extremely important to possess the ability to be productive working from home and in a straight commission environment. The distractions at home can be very different and unlike any distraction in the workplace. I have experience working from home and have experience in straight commission positions. I have learned that working straight commission jobs offers rewards that are much greater than salaried positions. I prefer to work straight commission. Working from home provides me the ability to avoid the politics and focus on what I do best. I do best at sales.
Doug Barker – Plano, TX

I’ve worked on commision in the past and thoroughly enjoy the idea of an uncapped salary. Work from home has a number of benefits for me including being at home with my daughter, no daycare expenses, gas expenses drop dramatically, and I have more freedom.
Frank Green – Atlanta, GA

I prefer the informality of a home environment and the independent contractor status. I can write my own paycheck so the only person responsible for my success or failure is me. I also hate commuting in the Atlanta traffic. The average time is one hour and length is 30-35 miles. I would rather spend the time with my children or studying to get my Bachelor’s degree in English so I can go to law school.
Kathleen Hedly-Lash – Atlanta, GA

A work at home position allows me to have a flexible schedule which is perfect for me as a single mother. I would also like the privilege not to have to commute long distance in Los Angeles traffic or the gas bill that goes along with it.
Keegria Banks – Gardena, CA

I am excited about a work at home position that still allows me the opportunity to make a great income. I have been looking for something that allows me some flexibility and money making potential. The ability to be home to to get my daughter on and off the bus each day will be amazing. Working from home will allow me to be productive at work and at home, instead of having to deal with constant interuptions from co-workers, phone calls, lunches out and of course the commute.
Lorri Howk – Fort Collins, CO

Having been home with my children for a few years, I do not want my return to the workforce to be a huge adjustment for my children. I want to know that the seven hours they are school each day are my opportunity to once again be successful in the professional world without their feeling as though my returning to work has somehow replaced my being available to them. My family comes first, but without a commute and all of the traffic and headaches a commute entails, I know I can be an incredibly successful salesperson AND mother and the combination of both would make me incredibly happy.
Wendy Zemanski – Kingsville, MD

I prefer a work at home IC position because it eliminates the stress of a commute and I don’t have to dress for work. I can make my own schedule; decide when I am going to work and for how long.
Lisa Dexter – Bedford, NH

I can concentrate on my work. There will be no distractions. Further, I will be able to give myself a raise anytime I want. Example: I can’t wait till the East Coast opens up—I’m an early riser. I can get to work at 5AM and make calls to New York, Florida, Georgia! That’s exciting! I can say to myself, “here’s my next sale!” When the sale is made I can leap out of my chair and yell “atta-boy, Frank!” without disturbing anyone nearby.
Frank Tammen – Clovis, CA

My preference for a independent contractor, commission only, work at home position is due to my desire to be in control, self reliant, free, independent and flexible.
Shawn Buggs – Douglasville, GA