Sales Articles

These articles become even more relevant as the years go buy and the trends are proven out and now obvious.
Tracking The Bullshit Gene
A Highly Evolved Propensity for Deceit
The New York Times. 12/22/08.

Scientists have tracked the bullshit gene all the way back to it’s source… Al Gore’s Great (10,000 generations) Grandfather Chimper Gore, who told his fellows that unless they pray to his new Weather God totem (for a small fee), warm weather would not return in the summer. They told him to get bent. When warm weather returned without his god’s help, Chimper was beaten to death and eaten by the tribe. Hey, I’ve got a great idea!

Why People Don’t Trust Sales Reps
Suprime Brokers Resurface as Dubious Loan Fixers
New York Times. 7/20/09.

You’ve got to wonder how reps get caught up in such obvious scams…. and why they stay… Survey

Selling Real Estate is Fun… in a Market Bubble
A superstar real estate agent plots his comeback
Associated Press. 8/1/09.

I’s a Geniious
Everybody was a genius and even posers could turn a deal…. where are they now?

The Basis of Call Reluctance
Does Getting Dumped Feel Like Breaking a Bone?
DoubleX, Sarah Elizabeth Richards, December 15, 2009.

If every time you dial a phone you get punched in the face, how often would you dial? Studies indicate that emotional pain feels like physical pain for those genetically inclined. These people would be well advised to learn how to close, disattach from their egos, or open a flower shop and sell daffodils for a living.

Go Home and Stay There
The Case, and the Plan, for a Virtual Company
Inc. Magazine. April 1, 2010

Here’s why you see so many seemingly unemployed people hanging around Statbucks all day that can afford overpriced lattes…

Where Closers Live and Posers Fear to Tread
America’s Most Ambitious Cities
Real Clear Politics. 5/7/09.

Look around…. is everybody happy in their little cubicles…. waiting for the boss to tell them what to do next, the tv to tell them what to think next, politicians to tell them how to live? You live in Poserville. Sam Kinnison advised the the do-gooders to stop sending food to the Ethiopians, and send them U-Hauls instead (as they live in a desert). Now you know who to call too…

Home of the Free?
America’s 10 Freest and Least Free States
Real Clear Politics. 5/29/09. Which states are the most free…. not really that hard to guess.

Mastery takes 10,000 hours
A gift or hard graft?
The Guardian. 11/15/08. Talent and genius are nice but mastery and success takes practice. Here is an excerpt from a soon to be released book that goes beyond the obvious to uncover the real way great people got that way. You can get there too.

Small is the new Large
The Rise of the ‘Homepreneur’
Business Week. 11/4/09. Just because they work from home doesn’t mean they aren’t serious.

Way Down Under
Mind Your Workplace Manners
Reuters. 1/15/09. I always loved Aussies. Know I better understand why. Less pretentious. More real. Some call it rude… oh yeah F@ck You!

Recruiting, Dating, What’s The Difference?
Dating 101: Eight Ways to Spot a Dishonest Date
Yahoo! Personals. 10/2/08. Sales reps sell. What a revelation! When you interview them, they sell you back. When you try to sell them, they get nervous and suspicious. They will lie through there teeth, saying what they think you want to hear. They will sell the hell out of you even when they are not all that interested in the job. Force of habit. They won’t be there in the morning nor will they call like they promised you…

Was He Mean to You?
When Interviewers Attack!
Yahoo! HotJobs Careers. 6/11/09. There is no law that says people have to be nice to you. Some will… some won’t. Learn to deal with it either way. Your best revenge is to beat them at their own game and get the job…

It Pays To Be Rich
World’s Richest Got Even Richer Last Year
Reuters. 9/4/08.

The Top 1% own 35% of the world’s wealth while the Top 0.001% (worth $5M or more) own a fifth. There are 10.7 Million millionaires and that number grew 11% last year. How are you doing?

The American Dream Poll: 74 percent of Americans say Congress out of touch – 2006.
Big surprise, the elite have guaranteed salaries, pensions, and perks you can’t imagine while the proletariat eats cake and watches their dreams go down the toilet.

Shared work spaces a wave of the future
San Francisco Chronicle – February 19, 2008. I like everything about working from home…except being at home…

Startups: Poverty is Underrated

Too much funding for a startup is like salaries for reps.. and excuse not to perform. The closer you are too death, the faster you move.

Survey Reveals Most Satisfying Jobs
Live Science – April 17, 2007.
Focusing on serving others is the key to happiness at work.

Bad Habits: Why We Can’t Stop
Live Science – March 17, 2007. I’m going to quit smoking right after this cigarrette. No, this one. No, just one more…

Anger Fuels Better Decisions
Live Science – June 11, 2007. Don’t get even, get mad. When you get mad enough barriers dissolve and things start to happen. You Don’t Have to be Smart to be Rich
Research – Ohio State University – April 24, 2007.

If you ever wondered how somebody obviously so stupid, got so rich, you can stop wondering.

Sarcasm Seen as Evolutionary Survival Skill
Live Science – June 20, 2008.

This is truly good news for me, and bad news for you!

Fun at the Office
How Loud is Too Loud? – July 18, 2007. I can hear your heart beat . . . and it’s making me crazy.

Women Want Shorter Work Days
Live Science – March 22, 2007.
Gee, I wonder why?


You’ve Got Voice Mail, but Do You Care?
New York Times, April 1, 2009