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Brian Tracey International
Brian Tracey ia a one-man industry for esoteric sales, business, and life mastery tools. He is a class act who in a sea of self-made famous, deserves the accolades.

If you simply must follow a guru, you could do worse than following and emulating Brian. What he doesn’t know about the fields of study he is involved with most likely nobody else knows either. And he will be the one to bet on to figure out the next big thing first.

Then he will publish, as he does with abandon. Lucky us. He gets richer, but in doing so we all do the same.

Nightingale Conant
This is the premier source for everything sales and motivational. Founded by Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant in 1960. Nightingale had the trademark lowest-of-low booming voice that is instantly recognizable. It conveys more authority and credibility in seconds than most could communicate in a lifetime. An excellent company with a reputation to match. I buy from them and highly recommend them.

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know about Brass Balls
Most Famous Quote: You know what it takes to sell real estate? Brass balls….

So tell me… what does it mean?
Urban Dictionary

Showem You Gotta Pair
The next time your closing a deal at a restaurant, talking way too loud and being totally obnoxious, and being glared at by civilized folks trying to have lunch in peace, just point at the these and glare back….