Sales Videos

A selection gleaned from Google and other video archive sites. Guess how many portray the sales rep as a good guy? Or as a woman?

Full Metal Christmas What if R. Lee Ermey was in charge of the elves?

The SalesrepAn alien door-to-door sales rep meets his match in a lowly geek.

Dinero Selling Cars You talking to me? You think I’m funny? Well yes actually.

Stewie Asks For The OrderAnd keeps asking until he gets a decision!

Obi-Wan Needs Wheels Even Jedis get tired of walking all the time.

Death and a Salesman May be an even match.

Joy of a Salesman This is some funny stuff (R-Rated).

Dead Parrot Sketch I want to return this parrot . . .

Pissed Off Winnebago Salesman Outakes illustrate a need for anger managment classes.

Digger is an Allstar Chrysler Salesman “We don’t say what he does is right or wrong, but he is successful…” Kinda like Dragnet but for sales.

Whopper Chopper Man On Sanford & Son.