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Live anywhere you want worldwide… and take your job with you. Fantasy? You decide. While you’re at it, contemplate making New York City money while paying a Panama City cost of living.

What would it feel like to live solidly middle class? Do you remember what that means? In America it used to mean:

Nice home in a safe neighborhood.
Good safe schools nearby.
Vacation to Disneyland or equivalent every year.
New car every few years.
Go to restaurants a couple times a week.
Buy up-to-date computer and entertainment equipment.
Buy all clothes new.
Save 10% or more towards retirement.
Save for college fund for kids.
Have 2 or more kids and a mom that can stay at home while they are growing up.
Do the above working 40 hours a week or less.

How many people do you know that live like this? Do you call them rich? What was middle-class is now considered out-of-reach. An unattainable dream. And perhaps it is for most people today. If you want to go where most people end up, do exactly what they do. Which is:
Take a “safe” salary job for the “steady” paycheck and “great” benefits.
Work diligently and loyally making other people rich so they can live they good life while you slave away unnoticed and unappreciated.
Trust that the government will be there for you. Even though you have no savings, no pension, a huge growing debt load to carry, and kids that won’t be able to help you when you’re old, count on social security and the kindness of strangers.

If you don’t face this head-on your fate is sealed. You can wait to get that big promotion (any increase in pay will be quickly taxed and spent and you know it), win the lottery (yeah, right), or for divine intervention and a miracle (where do we sign up?). It will be a long wait.

Or you can refuse to “play by the rules” and start making up your own rules. Play your own game and you stand a good chance at winning the game.

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