Short Topics

I. Competing Against Whom?

A Top 1% rep no longer competes against other reps, nor to beat some previous sales records. At this level they have no doubt done so already. They have pondered what to focus on next. Selling more than some other rep doesn’t make the Top 1% rep a penny more, and whatever ego boost could be derived is short-lived and unsatisfying.

Focusing on what others have done or are doing can only distract her from her tasks and goals. Every minute spent worrying about others is a minute wasted. Worse than the time lost, is the emotional and spiritual energy depleted feeling fear, jealousy, resentment, anger, pride or the host of other negative emotional states, none of which gets her 1 inch closer to her vision and goal.

The Top 1% rep competes only against herself. The goal is not mere money, or a promotion, or awards. It becomes life mastery. The amazing joy that comes from pushing your limits, overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles, facing down fears, and pure hard work. It parallels the emotions of a professional athlete. This focused determination can be gained in many pursuits. The Top 1% rep, knowing the large quantity of time dedicated to the job, decides consciously to apply these life skills to the job, or perhaps gained these life skills from the job in the first place.

II. Left or Right?

Some reps are analytical. Detail oriented. Organized and systematic. Their tooth brush, toothpaste, and other personal items are fastidiously laid out so that they can place their hand on any desired item without the benefit of a light at night.

You can create elaborate step-by-step calls. Keep meticulous notes on each call. Run spreadsheet analysis of previous months knowing close ratios to the hundredth of a percent. You can run forecasts and measure performance against goals.

This is left brain thinking. Not good or bad.

Alternatively you may keep minimal, sloppy, or no records beyond little post-its stuck on your computer, walls, or car dashboard. Your preparation consists of rolling out of bed when you feel like it and working only when you are in the mood. When inspired. You follow a process but it is in your head. It works and you have mastered it. You seem disorganized on the surface but inside you are like a cruise missile homing in on a target from a 100 miles away and hitting it within an inch of perfect.

This is right brain, intuitive thinking. Not good or bad.

It just is.

There is more gray in the world than pure black or pure white. You may relate to both of the above to a certain extent. That is good. You will gain more insight into yourself so you can function consciously and not as an automaton.

III. Two Guys and Two Shovels

Once upon a time there were 2 guys, Al and Bob. They each had a shovel and were leaning on them. They were looking at the ground where a hole was needed. Al was the analytical type and reflexively started running the numbers in is mind, with his eyes closed so he could see them, and mumbled to Bob:

Let’s see, we need a 4 foot deep hole that is 5 feet square. That’s 100 cubic feet of dirt. The consistency is more clay than sand so I estimate 50 pounds per cubic feet or 5,000 pounds. To be safe and not strain our backs I suggest we do 20 pounds per shovel for the first half and then only 10 pounds for the second deeper half. 2,500 pounds divided by 20 is 125 and by 10 is 250 for a total of 375 shovel fulls. If we do about 300 shovels per hour we should be done in 1.25 hours. That of course presupposes we take some time to sharpen the blades on our shovels for optimum digging efficiency.

Al opened his eyes expecting to see an awestruck and appreciative Bob, amazed by his mental abilities.

Hey, what’s that! exclaimed Al.

That, my friend, is a hole, said Bob.

IV. How To Be Taken Seriously

Decide – If you are not sure what you want, then nobody else will be sure either.

Say It Like You Mean It – Leave no doubt about your determination and resolve.

Mean It – It works better if you actually do mean it.

Threats & Ultimatums – Make no idle threats or ultimatums you are not prepared to carry out.

Accept Outcomes – Be prepared either way for what happens next.

Follow Through – Implement your contingency plans immediately and forcefully. The very fact that you will follow through many times precludes the necessity for doing so.

Plan B – If you can’t meet any of the requirements above, then don’t make a move. Find an alternative solution. Mediate and settle. Or capitulate, surrender and live to fight another day.