Slander Sites

I have built over 145 sales teams since 1987. I talked to countless thousands of company owners and reps in the process. Met some great people and my fair share of loonies. I’m thinking of writing a book…

There are 4 slander posts about me on Rip Off Report.

Slander Posts

  1. A rep got upset when a project was cancelled by my Client. The client worked to capture R&D tax credits for companies that they failed to claim and that were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The IRS changed the rules disallowing contingency fees. The client decided to shut the business down. I had 70 reps and all had to be terminated. One Rep was peeved so decided to blame and slander me. Neither the client nor I could control the IRS. This mattered not as the zealot went to war.
  2. A rep thought my psychological-based training was evil and that I was the most evil person on the planet. You decide as it’s all on this site.
  3. A roofing company specializing in hail damage asked me to recruit reps in Oklahoma City. They neglected to mention that every competitor was offering a $1,000 signing bonus. They refused to match the bonus wanting to get reps for cheap at my expense. Predictably recruiting stalled to zero. The Client (actually the client’s wife) accused me of being a con man. She continues to slander me to anybody that calls after 15 years.
  4. An online rap radio show owner asked me to get reps to sell ads. I said that I couldn’t because the audience was too small to justify even low ad prices so the reps could never earn enough to take or stay on the job. The owner somehow took this as a personal insult and vowed to get me. He posted a negative review accusing me of taking a fee and not delivering anything. I turned down the job so never even offered an agreement to sign. I called a few days later and the owner had calmed down and apologized for fabricating the slander. Too late as the damage was done. The post will seemingly outlast the pyramids in Egypt. We are actually friends now and admit we share a bad temper!

    How it Works

    Google gets many complaints about their extortion racket. They encourage negative posts and demand ridiculously high fees to negotiate with the supposed victim. Anybody can post whatever crazy claims they want anonymously and ROR vows never to remove the posts. ROR refuses to post positive reviews. The BBB gives them an F.

    I get countless calls and emails from companies offering to remove or bury slander posts. An entire industry has popped up like a weed to take advantage of slander victims. They all have this in common… they can’t promise results and charge thousands of dollar to try. I refuse to pay extortionists, blackmailers and economic terrorists.

    I hope you never are listed because it could cost you a huge amount of business. I learned not to respond to slander because it provokes more attacks. Many of my clients have offered to post on my behalf. I thank them and advise not to lest they are attacked for their efforts. The only way to win is education so people know how the slander sites work and to refuse to be influenced by anonymous innuendo.

    Real World Slander Example

    Sam here is so intellectually deficient that he actually committed an extortion attempt in writing. I have all the original emails. Extortion is a felony. He committed this crime across state lines making it a Federal offense. I could have reported him to the FBI. Instead I use his actual name and emails publicly with impunity. Anybody that Googles him will hopefully see this page.

    Sam Shtark Extortion Attempt