The Difference

I am not a commission rep. Allow me to clarify the differences:

Factor Sales Team 1 Commission Rep
Sales Calls Builds entire sales teams. Makes sales calls.
Expertise 31 years as a top rep and team builder that can recognize and sell other top reps. 80/20 rule means the odds are not on your side, by definition 1 in 5 reps will perform
Recruiting All functions a recruiting agency would do: 1. Write compelling job posts and pay for thousands on over 100 boards nationally every month. 2. Hire and pay staff recruiter to do social networking, contact and screen candidates, do interviews to sell jobs. 3. Build recruiting website and create CEO interview. 4. Interviews – recognize talent and sell the job to the reps. Must compete to get good reps.  No.
Training Developed a psychologically-engineered sales process that is not just wildly effective but teachable and repeatable. Reps will have a source to go to instead of guessing and randomly copying other reps. Offer regularly scheduled training sessions with rigorous tactical role-play. Record sessions and post to a team website we build. Written scripts and other training documents. 99% learned nonsense that some other rep told them or learned to sound like a robot telemarketer. Does not train other reps but will spread rumors. Most managers do pep-rallies and don’t know how to train.
Managing Guide reps to deals and help close them. Serious reps get support and non-serious reps are gone. Directors are closers not babysitters. Lucky if they can manage themselves.
Brand Training purposely avoids tactics that are short-term gain but sacrifice your brand. Reps held to highest standards with no tolerance for unethical behavior or fraud. Will act in own self-interest and often destroy your reputation by exaggerating and over-promising.
Prospecting Can systematically build call lists and create a lead-gen team to keep call volume extremely high. Reps don’t like to prospect so call volume is low.
Consulting Act as VP Sales on your management team acting in your best interest which we know is also in our best long-term interest. May get some useful feedback but more typical are gripes and useless opinions.
Technology We set up: 1. Recruiting website, 2. Team website, 3. Email, 4. CRM (call tracking) system, 5. Virtual PBX, 6. Autodialer. Has a cell phone.
Legal We establish bullet-proof Independent Contractor relationships and indemnify you from any liabilities which include having ICs reclassified as W2 by states involving back taxes and penalties, discrimination and wrongful termination lawsuits, and more you don’t want to know about. We create a detailed Sales Policy Guide and IC Agreements. Our proprietary process allows us to maintain IC status while having control like with a W2 team. Not concerned.
Time We create and operate the entire sales department (recruit, train, manage) so you can focus on product development and production. Countless hours go into the service we provide. Our focus and experience allow us to deliver services efficiently at a fraction of what it would cost you do it yourself. Just for personal sales.
Costs Reps pay own expenses and we cover all costs for provided services including a massive job post campaign that would cost you 10 times more that we charge. You may need to pay salaries, office rent, equipment, online services and more.