The Top 1% – Audio

Part A

0 – 80/20 Rule. Top 20? Big deal. Top 1% defined mathematically. 80/20/20 Rule.
3:18 – Middle Class is extinct. How it happened. Downsizing, outsourcing, tiered wages, end runs around unions, global competition.
6:53 – What it takes to be in the top 1% wage earners I the U.S.
8:14 – How much does it take to be middle class? Middle class defined. Easy then, not now.
10:39 – Historical window of opportunity is now closed. Global competition.
11:58 – Top 1% was rich then, required to be middle class now.
14:27 – Must do something “extraordinary” now. Living off two incomes and debt.
16:31 – Being in the top 1% is no longer optional.
17:05 – Top 1% rep does it differently than the other 99%. Must innovate, think.
17:46 – Comments – Jim – reality of economy.
18:09 – Top 1% is tipping point to true wealth. Decision between excess lifestyle and freedom. Running in quicksand.
19:54 – Must take risks to get ahead. Salary = guaranteed poverty. Commission reps have one of the few opportunities to achieve top 1% status for average workers.
23:49 – My story and how I learned to embrace risk. Behold the turtle…

Part B

30:23 – Managed risk. Closers love commission-only gigs. Posers love salaries, bare minimum and job to job. Closers lose on salary. Posers love socialism.
34:36 – By definition, you are unusual if you made it to the top 1%. Train for the bronze? Aim for the top 1% or get pushed out of the middle class. It’s not necessarily about getting Rich.” New Jersey.
38:21 – The dream is fading. Desperation breeds non-sustainable efforts. Being rich means you have FU Money.
40:11 – What price are you willing to pay.
41:12 – Comments – Jim – concerned about entitlement mentality with younger generations. Willingness to take risks.
43:06 – False esteem. Growing up in Disneyland. BBQ. Child abuse. Isolated teens. Entitlement. Overcoming challenges generates true self-esteem, especially if you thought you couldn’t do it.
49:08 – Guaranteed job for life for top 1%ers. What’s for lunch…
50:33 – Comments – Jim – you can change.
52:12 – Beyond call volume and technique. Character can be molded slowly over time.
53:32 – Comments – Rich – introspective reaction. Amy – relates to esteem movement.
56:01 – End.