Three Closing Questions

These three questions will uncover any unexpressed concerns and transition into a natural assumptive close:

1. Do you like the product?
Seems obvious, but consider what happens later when you try to close if they have issues with the product…. The ideal here is an enthusiastic yes, not a lukewarm maybe.

2. Do you feel that our product will work for you?
A car shopper may love the new Corvette but has 4 kids and needs a minivan… Any doubts or objections about your proposed solution must be uncovered now. Prospects will not buy unless they are fairly certain (relative to cost and risk) that they have found what they were looking for. This will be true regardless of how much you like your product, or how certain you are it will work for them… after all you aren’t the one writing the check.

3. Do you think the price is reasonable?
Again, if they feel your price is “too high” they won’t buy. Before you reach this phase of the process you should have framed your price in relation to value delivered, other alternatives (including doing nothing) and return on investment. You absolutely must get explicit buy-in (meaning the prospect says it, not you) that the price is reasonable. This does not mean the prospect likes the price, only that the prospect will buy at that price.

If there are any significant doubts about:
1. you
2. your company
3. your product
4. your proposed solution
5. your price.

Here is the most you are going to hear when you ask for the order:

Maybe, I’ll think about it…

The above process will get you a definite decision and if you can meet these requirements, a yes.