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Did you see anything on the site that you found interesting? Liked or disliked? Do you have some ideas to share or suggestions on how I may improve the site or add value to the training articles? Let me know. I will add your comments to those below.

I have researched many companies… When reading your “resources” section I was truly inspired. I learned more from the, no bullshit, content on your website than any other, sales training, resource I have ever encountered.
John Hook
St. George, UT

I have spent some time tonight on the websites from your e-mail. I had reviewed them earlier, but I really read everything with scrutiny tonight. I am having a feeling like “FINALLY, a company that gets sales reps and how we just want to do our job and close deals to make everyone some money!!” So I just wanted to say thank you again for your e-mail & what a refreshing feeling your company has given me about pursuing this career in sales the way it should be!!

Tera Mista
Oxford, GA

I am 22 years old and I have been reliant on my ability to sell products since 16 years of age. I’ve listened to your tapes and read your ebooks. As of late I have enjoyed some what of an epiphany brought on by insight that was directly inspired by your perspective and teachings on the science of selling. I would say that you are the most intelligent person I have ever had the good fortune of tuning in to. I felt compelled to write to say thank you for providing such an incredible amount of value at no cost at all. I truly have opened up new eyes to the world because of you.

Ari Mufossa

I came across your web site and thoroughly enjoyed reading your copy. Honesty is reassuring.

Barry Marsh

I’ve just read all the material on your website for the second time. Once wasn’t enough and I’ll certainly read it a few more times. It’s brilliant, and believe me this isn’t brown noseing or ass-kissing, I don’t play that game. This is appreciating great thinking, well thought out writing and giving credit where credit is due.

Your writing projects your raw and gutsy style and fluently takes the reader from the big picture concepts you present to specific details with total clarity. It is a holistic approach to “how you make sales happen” that I would suggest as a must read for every single business owner, be them the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or sole proprietor of a small startup.

You can almost see the “ah-ha’s” and perspective shifts that would take place in any “intelligent” business professional that has been stuck in status quo thinking. For the business owner or manager it is a great lesson in productivity and efficiency. As for sales professionals, the insights gained from reading this could be career changing, especially for poser types if they were honest and introspective enough with themselves to understand what you’re saying and how it applies to them.

Before reading this I thought I had an exceptional understanding of and ability to implement the things you write about, and truth is I probably do, but I will gladly defer to your knowledge and experience and look forward to learning whatever you are willing to share. When it comes to learning, improving and becoming a higher quality human being I have no ego.

BJ Nash
Littleton, CO

I came across your website after googling “Sales jobs that dont require bullshit or lies”. I love to sell, however it seems all sales jobs I’ve had or looked into so far require BS, stretching truth over excitement or lies, etc. I only read a couple pages; I will be reading more and probably all asap. I like all of what I read. The part about ‘likeable and nice’ on the myths page really stands out. I want to sell but with little or no BS as possible. Appreciate it.
Tom Davis

Just want to thank you for your website, and all the great reads and nuggets of knowledge found within. A good friend of mine, Frank Perkins, has basically referred to you as his personal sales guru that changed his life… and much of the knowledge he learned from you has been kicked down to me and it has definitely helped me out too.

Although I am not a 1099, its definitely had an impact in the way I attack the phone, my overall attitude towards life, and in turn my results. Just a quick note to express my thanks.

Adam Coleman
Portland, OR

I’d send you a resume but I’ve read every word on your website and now I’m scared!

I very much respect what you are doing, believe the need within your niche is great, and respect your honesty (and humor.) I have forwarded your url to a business that fits your preferred project profile but needs to punt their VP of Sales. (I think they are close to taking that action.)

I have bookmarked your url and will forward a resume should I regain my composure and courage.

Thanks for your good work.
Mary Beth Watson

I read your e-book and listened to 2 of the taped sessions. Read some of the testimonials, found them also enlightening. I am very much looking forward to learning from you. I am impressed that one of your core beliefs that most sales reps are good people. The philosophy of serving the customer to serve yourself also stood out .

Richard Miller
Louisville, CO

I was just about sold on you but seeing that you lack ‘tact’ in word usage based on your reckless use of the word bullsh*t and *ss-kissing. It’s a very unprofessional, very foul and extremely offensive vocabulary to many people who may not take the time to say so (as I’m doing). Not everyone speaks the same language in this country; that is, not everyone is okay with loose profanity usage in the marketplace.

Anonymous (what else?)