What it Takes

Prepare. For the career, college, business books, magazines, websites, talking to successful reps, learn and practice public speaking, entry-level jobs.

Sell What You Would Buy. What you believe in and can recommend without reservation.

Company. Only work for winners, best product, competitive edge over competitors.

Service. Focus on helping the prospect, not on your commission, talk in terms of what is in their best interest, help them discover it, even if it means they don’t buy from you.

No Easy Way. Don’t job hop endlessly looking for the big score or easy sales, these dreams are just that and the vision in your mind is a mirage.

Ask Top Reps. How they got there, advice for you.

Don’t Hedge. No side jobs, all or nothing, true commitment.

Walk First. Don’t run before you can walk, be the best rep before worrying about transfers or promotions.

Teach. Best way to learn forces you to evaluate what you know and don’t and clarifies concepts like nothing else can, volunteer and take any opportunity to help other reps.

Share. Ideas and methods, don’t hoard as a way to out compete, share and you win more than commissions, you gain allies and advancement.

Visualize. Your desired future, exactly what you want to see happen, how much money, why you want the money, what you intend to do with the money, and see yourself as already there and happy. Do you want to support your family, have independence so you can experience and enjoy life more? If you want power and glory and think money will solve your problems or make you something you are not, you are not just less likely to succeed but will surely be disappointed by your hollow victory. Don’t just see, feel as you visualize.

Plan. Develop a step-by-step plan to get from where you are to where you want to be. The more detail the better. Put deadlines on each step and do whatever it takes to accomplish the task by that date.

Prioritize. Do most important calls first and non-important calls never, higher dollar deals with high closing probability go to the to of the list.

Warm Calls Only. Ask every prospect and customer for 3 referrals (more if possible) and you should never have to cold call.

No Distractions. Don’t allow interruptions, let it be know that when you are on the phone selling that you are not to be disturbed unless it’s a true emergency, take calls at certain times only, return email in batches.