Who are the Top 1%

There are 5 Factors of Success in sales.

1. Show-Up – each and every day.

2. Make the Calls – commit to X Presentations per day, while you are at work may as well make a few calls.

3. Follow and Master the Process – follow a well thought out and proven systematic process, doing each presentation better than the last.

4. Control the Process – you can’t follow your process if your following the prospect’s lead.

5. Close for a Decision – Try for a yes, a no is better than a maybe.

Here is a breakdown of how reps measure up to these requirements:

40% are miscast as reps – should be in some other job and eventually will be.
10% are in the wrong sales position or company.
80% won’t make the calls – they want it to be easy.
80% have no plan, no process to follow, so they wing it and hope for the best.
90% won’t seek out and admit what they are doing wrong so they can make each presentation better and master the sales process.
95% won’t risk “making the prospect mad” by guiding the conversation so they stay on path and follow a predefined process – they are weak-willed and lack assertiveness and courage.
99% won’t fully commit, do or die, to making a success happen.

The Top 1% rep knows she is destined to reach the highest levels of the profession. She will be sought after and will never worry for a moment about being out of work. If she is not treated right she will be gone in a flash, and probably making more cash.
She knows what it takes for success. She understands all too well what the price is and what it means, and consciously decides to pay the price in full. Up front.

She calculates the number of sales needed to hit her earning target for the month. She further determines the number of presentations required given her close ratio, and the number of calls needed to set up those presentations. If this adds up to 12 hours a day, she makes a decision. She says yes and there is no turning back from that decision. Her will is like steel and resolute.

She uses a process that has been proven to work or creates one that will. She follows it unfailingly and refuses to deviate. She will gently then firmly guide a prospect back on topic and insist that she be allowed to do her job and discover if the product she offers can benefit the prospect. If indeed her product is in the prospect’s best interest to buy, she says so and encourages him to be decisive and act. If the prospect lacks the courage to act, she will supply enough for both of them and close hard. If the prospect won’t decide, she will. She will walk and try again elsewhere rather than waste more time with a putz.