Why Candidates Say No


No Savings. Living paycheck to paycheck, with no savings to allow them time to ramp-up. Bad luck or lack of discipline?

Inertia. Comfortable in their rut, takes effort to change and start over on an new job, to learn new product, policies, procedures and meet new people.

No Entrepreneurial Spirit. Or sense of adventure. You can’t teach a sparrow to be an Eagle.

Spouse. Will not approve – afraid of risk and change. A partnership is one thing but is it worth sacrificing your sense of self and destiny?

Fear Of Loss. Greater than desire for gain – has enough to get by on and won’t risk losing that in the pursuit of more.

Health Insurance. May be a real issue especially for pre-existing conditions. Most however can easily buy a family policy, they just can’t wrap their head around the idea of paying for it directly, instead of indirectly with lower wages.

Doesn’t Want to Stay Home. Nagging spouse and noisy kids, constant interruptions by those not respecting that just because they are at home does not mean they are not working. No suitable office space. Won’t risk renting a small desk in a local office (or too cheap).

No Place To Hide. Poor performers like it where they can hide out unnoticed and unchallenged doing the bare minimum to sneak by. They are understandably hesitant to leave the shadows for the limelight of a new job with demands that are likely much higher.

Socialize. Like to hang out and goof off with co-workers.

Status. Perceived status of salary position is higher even if total earnings half as much.

Unfair. Thinks it’s “unfair” that a company would not “invest” in employees and give them salaries and benefits.

Expenses. Can’t comprehend that they should pay own office and phone expenses even though they can make twice as much or more money and expenses are usually less than a hundred dollars a month.

So Far Left They Fall Over. Never embraced capitalism or the free enterprise system – taken care of by parents, then schools, then colleges, then given a salary with a paternalistic employer and may have bought into socialistic political views.

Money Bad. Deep seated belief that making lots of money is somehow dirty, immoral, unfair, obscene, or evil so they sabotage themselves to protect themselves from getting any.

Look At Me! Need recognition and appreciation constantly from co-workers and bosses and if they work alone they won’t get that.

Self-Worth. Won’t risk shattering the illusion that they are valuable – getting paid what they are worth (from sales) scares them catatonic. A salary masks this reality and allows them to pretend they are productive and worthy when in fact they may be dead weight.

Big City. Likes image and excitement of getting dressed up and going into town, bustling with lots of energy.

Too Many Numbers Makes My Head Hurt. Afraid they won’t be able to handle taxes – done for them now and they get refund (free loan to the government but ignorance is bliss).

Baaaaaaa. It’s easier to be a sheep, numbly following the sheep in front of them, with a view that never changes and is always unpleasant.