Why Sales Reps Quit

This is list that took me years to write. It will only take you minutes to read. Lucky you!

Going Broke. Not selling, easier to quit than to work.

Losing Face. Getting beat by most of the team, embarrassed to see pitiful numbers on the “board.”

Dislikes Product. Everybody wants to sell what they believe in. Not always for moralistic reasons, because it’s easier and sales reps are lazy.

Boss Bad. Dislikes or does not trust management. She may just be right.

More Trouble Than It’s Worth. No leads provided and too hard to cold-call, constant rejection grinds them down.

Hands-Off. Dislikes being micromanaged and nitpicked – meddlers, excessive monitoring and reporting.

Conflicts. With supervisor, other reps, staff.

Loss of Face. Criticized by manager in front of peers.

Grass is Greener. Offered more money elsewhere. Buh, bye.

Stay With The Herd. Friends leave, they follow.

Kiss Me Once More Before I Leave. Office romance goes bad . . . really bad.

Incredible Shrinking Map. Territory reduced. Size of your team is reduced.

It’s A Long Way Home. Tired of a long commute.

Beaches, Palm Trees, and Skimpy Swimsuits. Relocate to more affordable or desirable locale. Especially if it’s snowing in Chicago!

I Go Where S/he Goes. Relocate due to spouse transfer.

Rumor Mill. Posers can’t hack it so they spread rumors and inuendo which other posers believe, since it gives them a convenient out – easier than actually having to perform.

Brand X Looks Better All The Time. Competitor products better and easier to sell. Who’s fault is this?

Groped, Slurred, or Diss’ed. Victim of harassment. Losing the rep is the easy part, now comes the lawyers.

Show Me The Money. Not being paid on time or in full. Commission statements not clear or inaccurate.

Pay Needs a New Plan. Inequitable pay plan.

Fumbled. Customer service or production screws up and deals get canceled.

The Big Sleep. Retired and happy to be that way.

Take This Job and…. Win the lottery or inheritance or spouse gets a raise so no longer has to work.

Spring-Break Redux. Goes back to college. Where life is safe, predictable, and easy. Sooner or later they have to go back to work, only now they owe $100K in student loans and are years older than the applicants they are competing with. Rots of ruck.

The Other College. Goes back to prison. You didn’t know they were ex-cons. Probably never asked. Too late now.